Welcome to the HardRock Summit 2022!

After a fantastic debut, the HardRock Summit is thrilled to be back in Denver, CO with even more exhibitors, buyers,
collectors and special showcases that will get the industry talking.

Last year’s inaugural edition with its high traffic was a great success for exhibitors and attendees alike.
Whether at Evolution, the fair´s mineral and fossils section, or at Sparkle&Joy which is dedicated
to fine jewelry and gemstones, the show´s second edition will continue to offer a
luxurious atmosphere that’s on par with the beauty of the natural treasures presented.

Both Evolution and Sparkle&Joy are open to trade professionals and the general public,
making the HardRock Summit the most significant US trade show in Fall and an incredible opportunity for
sourcing and business ahead of the upcoming holiday season.

Denver, CO September 8 th  – 11 th , 2022


Opening times:

September 8, 9 am – 5 pm
September 9, 9 am – 5 pm
September 10, 9 am – 5 pm
September 11, 9 am – 3 pm

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A gemstone and jewelry show for a new time

From the exquisite array of exhibitors and the elegant furnishings to the authentic Italian Espresso served, Sparkle & Joy takes the idea of a jewelry and gemstone fair to a new, luxurious level.

Welcoming trade professionals and consumers alike and with endless opportunities for personal connections, a smooth and efficient business environment and a program full of memorable experiences, Sparkle & Joy is a fair in a league of its own.

Participation request Sparkle & Joy International

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A collection of minerals, fossils and gemstones that you´ll find nowhere else

Coveted stones from long-gone mines, minerals of superlative sizes, breathtaking fossils and gemstone displays so colorful that your mind can almost not process what your eyes see: There´s simply no better place to immerse yourself in the time-defeating beauty of nature than Evolution.

The fair, which is open to trade professionals and consumers alike, attracts a vast and diverse community of exquisite exhibitors and boasts special, unforgettable showcases in an elegant setting that does justice to the beauty of the treasures on display.


Participation request EVOLUTION

Planning to stay for the Hardrock Summit ? Check out our two partner hotels in Denver.

Come and explore America´s defining show for high-end jewelry, gemstones, minerals and fossils in Denver, Colorado!

  • 450+ leading exhibitors to source high-quality gems, jewelry, minerals and fossils
  • The only American show to bring professional minerals and fossils
    dealers under one roof with jewelry and gemstone companies through
    its two fairs Evolution and Sparkle & Joy
  • Welcoming trade professionals and consumers to admire and purchase
    high-quality gemstones, fine jewelry and the world’s very
    best minerals and fossil specimens
  • Ideally timed for pre-holiday business and shopping
  • Full schedule of fun and educational programming
  • Once-in-a-lifetime special exhibits featuring world-famous fine specimens
  • Easy travel into Denver International Airport

This year, it’s all happening in one location.
The HardRock Summit venue, the Colorado Convention Center, is located in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado.

Denver was chosen as the venue for the HardRock Summit because it is a beautiful city with a rich history rooted in nature, science and mining, as well as a thriving business center.
Downtown Denver offers access to incredibly high-quality, modern accommodations, world-class hospitality, restaurants, transportation, parking and navigation systems.



700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202, USA



Christoph Keilmann


Christoph was born into the world of minerals and gemstones, literally. His parents are the founders of Germany´s famous mineral and gemstone fair The Munich Show, which launched 58 years ago in Germany. Chris spent his youth excavating crystals in the Alps and unearthing dinosaur bones with his dad in Wyoming. He grew up to invent Gemworld, a brand new fair in his hometown Munich, in 2008. This show concept embodies Christoph´s vision of an upscale platform for gemstones and jewelry and successfully took the Munich Show to the next level, making it Europe´s most relevant fair for the jewelry and gemstone industries in the fall season.

Having been a part of the community himself for all of his life, Christoph understands the needs of mineral and gemstone enthusiasts and business professionals alike. Last year, he made another life dream come true when he launched the HardRock Summit bringing his passion for minerals and gemstones to the United States.

Now, Christoph is excited to welcome trade professionals and consumers to the second edition of the Hardrock Summit: “I am thankful for the amazing success of last year´s launch of the HardRock Summit and equally excited for the future of the fair”, Christoph says. “Given the current shuffles in the international markets caused by political insecurities around the globe, we are grateful to have established the HardRock Summit as a counterpoint that offers the community stability, dependability and – last, but not least – a joyful time in the United States.”

Get in touch with Christoph at:

Wolter Mehring


Wolter means business: Whether it´s in international finance, real estate or the hospitality industry the Californian entrepreneur has made outstanding contributions to the diverse fields he has been working in during the last decades.

One of Wolter´s iconic success stories is the acquisition of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tuscon, AZ in 2006. Driven by his passion for the mineral business and accompanied by a team of industry specialists he developed the fair into one of the most unique and premier mineral and gemstone shows in the US.

Last year, Wolter partnered with Christoph to realize yet another dream of his: to take the idea of a mineral and gem show to new heights in terms of attendance and resulting business turnover. “I am thrilled that we were able to establish the HardRock Summit as the most relevant US mineral and gemstone industry platform in fall”, explains Wolter. “My aim is to continue to give the industry an opportunity for great business and networking just in time for the crucial holiday season. In the world of minerals, gemstones and jewelry, the right timing is a business advantage that can´t be overestimated.” 

Get in touch with Wolter at: