Fine Gemstones. Fine jewels. Unique pieces.​
September 08th-11th 2022​

A vibrant community, exclusive workshops and hands-on training, international exchanges, educational programs and live presentations, just to name a few highlights.​

Meet your business clients and partners in an inspiring environment that provides space for in-depth conversations and offers market insights, professional backgrounds and services to all professionals. With a large space for the perfect display of unique jewelry, exclusive pieces, carvings and handcrafted masterpieces, we have created a business environment that offers privacy, state-of-the-art quality equipment and hospitality areas for groups.​

This is your place to meet and grow: you will definitely invigorate your business.​

It’s so much more than what we’ve been used to – a new era that begins with you:​
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Minerals. Fossils. Meteorites. Gemstones. Jewels.
September 08th-11th 2022

Our “EVOLUTION” area at the Convention Center welcomes all and is geared toward U.S. and international trade buyers, scientific institutions and private collectors.​
All interested parties will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with like-minded people and learn from experts.​

A lively marketplace for minerals, fossils, accessories and other specialties.​

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Come and explore the HardRock Summit 2022 in Denver.​

The HardRock Summit, to be held again in September 2022 in Denver, Colorado, is a new trade show that was first held in 2021.
It brings together the jewelry, gemstone, mineral and fossil industries, enthusiasts and collectors :​

“Evolution” for minerals and fossils.​

and “Sparkle & Joy” for gems and jewelry.​

​The event covers more than 120,000 square feet of exhibit space with over 450+ exhibitors and numerous educational sessions.​

It’s made for you – this is the place to be if you’re interested in gems and jewelry.​
You can be any age, an admirer or dealer, a hobbyist or designer; it’s the passion that counts!​
Discover countless exhibits, shows, highlights and more and become part of our community.​
The HardRock Summit is here for everyone – to inspire and be inspired by​
Community members inside and outside your field of interest or profession.​

Register today and become part of this vibrant community!​

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Who are we? A vibrant mix of people, professions and organizations from around the world,​
We share expertise, experience, talent, and most of all, a fascination with the world of natural geological formations in all their variations.​
The treasures of nature and the joys of life – from rocks to rings – this awaits you in all its wonderful facets.​

Denver, September 08th-11th 2022.​

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This year, it’s all happening in one location.
The HardRock Summit venue, the Colorado Convention Center, is located in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado.

Denver was chosen as the venue for the HardRock Summit because it is a beautiful city with a rich history rooted in nature, science and mining, as well as a thriving business center.
Downtown Denver offers access to incredibly high-quality, modern accommodations, world-class hospitality, restaurants, transportation, parking and navigation systems.



700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202, USA



Christoph Keilmann


Founder of HardRock Summit in Denver as well as owner and CEO of established and leading European mineral and gem show THE MUNICH SHOW and GEMWORLD MUNICH

Christoph Keilmann was born with a passion for natural treasures, as his parents founded the mineral and gem show in Munich almost 60 years ago. He grew up in and with the community. Therefore he is very well connected in the scene and is appreciated by many as a reliable and creative partner.

Business management knowledge, experience and industry knowledge within the entire production and supply chain are the basis for the organization of a market-relevant trading platform. The building on this consists of dynamic processes. Always creative, always inspiring, but also with passion and willingness to take risks. Only then does success set in.

“The HardRock Summit will be the central meeting point for all those who see themselves as part of our community and those who want to be. Besides our ambition to build a high quality market platform, our focus will be on emerging trends, first-hand news from the industry and the joy of sharing experiences and visions.”

Wolter Mehring


Founder of the HardRock Summit in Denver as well as President of one of the premier and most unique shows in the US,  the PUEBLO GEM & MINERAL SHOW TUCSON

Wolter Mehring’s extensive business experience includes over 30 years in the areas of international finance, real estate and the ownership and management of hospitality assets. Almost two decades ago, one of his hospitality projects provided him the opportunity to assume control of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona.  He assembled a team of professionals to manage and significantly grow The Pueblo Show into one of the premier and most unique shows in the US. 

As a business metropolis in the center of the USA, Denver, with its traditional mining history and fantastic infrastructure, is the ideal location for our Summit.

“My enthusiasm for creating an exceptional Summit that will bring together a variety of talent, exquisite product and excitement is without measure.   I look forward to joining forces with those whom I consider to be the very best in this field and with whom I am confident of achieving a unique and enjoyable experience for all involved.”