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Come and explore the HardRock Summit 2022 in Denver.​

The HardRock Summit, to be held again in September 2022 in Denver, Colorado, is a new trade show that was first held in 2021.
It brings together the jewelry, gemstone, mineral and fossil industries, enthusiasts and collectors :​

“Evolution” for minerals and fossils.​

and “Sparkle & Joy” for gems and jewelry.​

​The event covers more than 60,000 square feet of exhibit space with over 200 exhibitors and numerous educational sessions.​

It’s made for you – this is the place to be if you’re interested in gems and jewelry.​
You can be any age, an admirer or dealer, a hobbyist or designer; it’s the passion that counts!​
Discover countless exhibits, shows, highlights and more and become part of our community.​
The HardRock Summit is here for everyone – to inspire and be inspired by​
Community members inside and outside your field of interest or profession.​

Register today and become part of this vibrant community!​

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Who are we? A vibrant mix of people, professions and organizations from around the world,​
We share expertise, experience, talent, and most of all, a fascination with the world of natural geological formations in all their variations.​
The treasures of nature and the joys of life – from rocks to rings – this awaits you in all its wonderful facets.​

Denver, September 08-11, 2022.​

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Fine Gemstones. Fine jewels. Unique pieces.​
September 08-11, 2022​

A vibrant community, exclusive workshops and hands-on training, international exchanges, educational programs and live presentations, just to name a few highlights.​

Meet your business clients and partners in an inspiring environment that provides space for in-depth conversations and offers market insights, professional backgrounds and services to all professionals. With a large space for the perfect display of unique jewelry, exclusive pieces, carvings and handcrafted masterpieces, we have created a business environment that offers privacy, state-of-the-art quality equipment and hospitality areas for groups.​

This is your place to meet and grow: you will definitely invigorate your business.​

It’s so much more than what we’ve been used to – a new era that begins with you:​
Book your presentation space starting in January. Get our info and registration form and secure the best space.​

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Minerals. Fossils. Meteorites. Gemstones. Jewels.
September 08-11, 2021​
Colorado Convention Center​

Our “EVOLUTION” area at the Convention Center welcomes all and is geared toward U.S. and international trade buyers, scientific institutions and private collectors.​
All interested parties will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with like-minded people and learn from experts.​

A lively marketplace for minerals, fossils, accessories and other specialties.​

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HARDROCK SUMMIT – A COMMON GOALThe HardRock Summit 2022 in Denver is organized by a team of specialists led and driven by the two founders Christoph Keilmann from Munich and Wolter Mehring from Los Angeles.
Christoph Keilmann is the manager and organizer ofGemworld Munich, the largest trade show in Europe that brings together natural treasures, jewelry and gemstones under one roof.
Wolter Mehring is an international businessman with in-depth knowledge and experience in the U.S. market, including the development of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson, AZ.
Looking back on 15 years of friendship and international business projects, their strong visions, knowledge and ideas have created this year’s very special and ambitious project.Their goal is to break down barriers once and for all and achieve a common goal: Everyone who attends or exhibits at the Hardrock Summit will feel, share and benefit from their passion and vision. ​


​For the second time, the two critical elements of tradition, vision, commerce and community are successfully brought together to achieve the combination of “knowledge and legacy.
“Back in the 1960s, Christoph’s parents, Johannes and Hermi Keilmann, were pioneers and the driving force behind an emerging market.
Johannes became a sought-after mineral specialist and created the first trading platforms over the years.
As a trained engineer, he was driven by his passion and perfectionism.
All of his colleagues had science or geology backgrounds and shared the same love – but none of them had specialized marketing or event knowledge.
Nonetheless, each did what they thought was good, and that’s still the case: you can hire great event companies to organize an event, but they don’t share your passion.
Or people with the same passion can try to organize their own professional events, but lack marketing or event management expertise.So for 2021, a new standard has been set. With knowledge and legacy – and with the power and passion of a great team, HardRock Summit will unite all people into one community and provide an unprecedented high-profile platform for all interests and needs, trade, exhibition, commerce and education. We are now looking forward to 2022! ​


The big gap between B2B and B2C needed to be closed. Over the years, of course, clear and distinct parameters disappeared, but the habit of these divisions and social affiliations remained and remain.There are at least two major interest groups – professionals who make a living selling products and services, and non-professionals who engage for pleasure. These two groups tend to hold their own events, trade shows and meetings, and often subdivide even further to target only a particular segment of the trade or material. And then, of course, there is the further subdivision into minerals, fossils and stones – and – at the other end of the scale – the jewelry and gemstone market. Until now, most events have been created for, and attended by, only one of these groups. 


The HardRock Summit brings markets, exhibitors and attendees together, creating unprecedented benefits for all by bringing the entire community together in one place: Information. Trade. Exchange. Learning. Business. Fun; it’s all there!.That’s it in a nutshell! Everyone, whether an attendee, exhibitor or tradesperson, will have benefited from their participation in the 2021 HardRock Summit in Denver. Everyone felt a sense of belonging. The message was understood. And now we are preparing for 2022 to be even bigger, even better.


Denver was chosen as the location for the HardRock Summit for good reason: It’s a beautiful city with history and tradition – naturally grown as a location at the base of the Rocky Mountains, one mile above sea level. For decades, miners, geologists, scientists and mineralogists have worked and traded here. Unfortunately, their business has grown somewhat stale over time, and its continued existence is not assured. . But with a sophisticated structure, a holistic approach, and by linking the two main areas and their communities, a lively, vibrant marketplace has now been created for all to enjoy. 

With its long history and mining tradition and the power to grow and flourish under modern aspects, Denver is predestined for the HardRock Summit and easily accessible due to its large airport hub and integrated infrastructure.

Together with their ambassadors, Christoph and Wolter are in the process of putting together a strong and comprehensive program with plenty of highlights, information and even a surprise or two – while leaving space and time for attendees to make their own plans and connect with other community members.

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This year we will continue to keep you updated on the latest developments regarding Covid-19 on this website.​

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Our target group is one of a kind and we take pride in calling it our “community”.

Because that’s what it is – That’s what we are. It’s you and us and many more people
of different backgrounds and professions, from all over the world, and of all ages,
joined together by the passion we share.

We bring together the entire trade – from manufacturers to retail to consumers
including new segments and new target groups such as goldsmiths and concept stores.

We believe in the ultimate benefit of cross-learning, out-of-the-box-thinking
and guided, but not steered networking. Experience meets future-thinking, knowledge meets curiosity,
luxury meets creativity. Never before was there such a platform for all of us.
Join the community, be enhanced and enhance others.

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Christoph Keilmann


Founder of HardRock Summit in Denver as well as owner and CEO of established and leading European mineral and gem show THE MUNICH SHOW and GEMWORLD MUNICH

Christoph Keilmann was born with a passion for natural treasures, as his parents founded the mineral and gem show in Munich almost 60 years ago. He grew up in and with the community. Therefore he is very well connected in the scene and is appreciated by many as a reliable and creative partner.

Business management knowledge, experience and industry knowledge within the entire production and supply chain are the basis for the organization of a market-relevant trading platform. The building on this consists of dynamic processes. Always creative, always inspiring, but also with passion and willingness to take risks. Only then does success set in.

“The HardRock Summit will be the central meeting point for all those who see themselves as part of our community and those who want to be. Besides our ambition to build a high quality market platform, our focus will be on emerging trends, first-hand news from the industry and the joy of sharing experiences and visions.”

Wolter Mehring


Founder of the HardRock Summit in Denver as well as President of one of the premier and most unique shows in the US,  the PUEBLO GEM & MINERAL SHOW TUCSON

Wolter Mehring’s extensive business experience includes over 30 years in the areas of international finance, real estate and the ownership and management of hospitality assets. Almost two decades ago, one of his hospitality projects provided him the opportunity to assume control of the Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show in Tucson, Arizona.  He assembled a team of professionals to manage and significantly grow The Pueblo Show into one of the premier and most unique shows in the US. 

As a business metropolis in the center of the USA, Denver, with its traditional mining history and fantastic infrastructure, is the ideal location for our Summit.

“My enthusiasm for creating an exceptional Summit that will bring together a variety of talent, exquisite product and excitement is without measure.   I look forward to joining forces with those whom I consider to be the very best in this field and with whom I am confident of achieving a unique and enjoyable experience for all involved.”


Alan Hart

Gemstones Ambassador

Chief Executive Officer of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain (established 1908) and Scientific Associate (Earth Sciences) at the Natural History Museum, London

With 30 years’ experience to executive level as former Head of Collections at the Natural History Museum and five as Gem-A CEO, Alan is a highly networked and passionate advocate for Earth Sciences. With experience in exhibition development, consultancy, education alongside wide ranging links to the gem and mineral industries, he is globally connected to museology, research, trade and dealer environments. As a Director of CIBJO (The World Jewellery Confederation) and Executive Editor of Gem-A’s renowned Journal of Gemmology, he also plays a pivotal role in influencing and shaping future initiatives.

“I’m passionate about seeking and combining diverse expertise to educate, do business, benefit and inspire future generations in Earth Sciences and all its related fields. In particular I bring my experience and knowledge about gemstones and minerals to Sparkle & Joy to make it the best place for those who are inspired by the beauty, the stories and the allure of gems and for all who are into gemstones.”

Manos Phoundoulakis

Jewelry Ambassador

President of the Rocky Mountain Guild of the American Gem Society and the Society’s Director of Business Development in the wholesale sector

With over 24 years of experience in the jewelry industry, Manos Phoundoulakis has garnered vast knowledge of all aspects of business development including client relations, building brands as well as designing finished jewelry. His career has taken him to over 100 jewelry shows Internationally, where he experienced a variety of selling venues.

“The HardRock Summit and Sparkle & Joy will be an epic event that is long overdue. I am ecstatic to be a part of this exciting new way of doing business. My heart and soul is deeply rooted in taking the industry to the next level and I am looking forward to helping make this a successful yearly event.”

Dave Waisman

Minerals Ambassador

American geologist and passionate mineral collector as well as Show Promoter for the Westward Look Mineral Show he created twenty years ago in Tucson.

Dave Waisman will use his organizational experience and his geological, mining and mineral collector contacts around the world to help share his love of minerals and the importance of minerals in our everyday lives. He understands how natural science and the raw materials found in the Earth add to our quality of life.

“The lecturers I will bring to the HardRock Summit will tell of the newest discoveries and treasures in a way that can be understood by all. I want to share this understanding with everyone in our society so we have a broader appreciation of our Earth. But mostly I want everyone to appreciate the artistic, natural beauty of minerals. Therefore you will love the HardRock Summit!“

Kirby Siber

Fossil Ambassador

Kirby is a renowned expert of paleontology, received an honorary doctorate degree from Zurich University, is a long-standing member of the Association of American Paleontological Suppliers (AAPS) and founder of the celebrated private dinosaur museum, the “Saurier Museum Aathal”

For 40 years, Kirby and his ‘Siber team’ have undertaken yearly excavations, producing some of the finest, rarest and most complete dinosaur specimens gracing exhibitions and collections at various leading Natural History Museums, including the Smithsonian Institution, British Museum (Natural History) and several Japanese and German Museums. Kirby has organized numerous exhibitions that have toured the world.

“I’m convinced the HardRock Summit will be a welcome venue for dealers and collectors alike. It should establish itself quickly as the new ‘place to be’ for passionate collectors and enthusiasts of fossils. I will do my best to make this happen”