Featured displays will include sunken, natural earth and modern treasures; all having the fascinating theme of gold in common. Individual specimens and collections from some of the world’s leading museums and private collectors will be on display alongside the incomparable “Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection” of modern-day precious jewelry and faceted and carved gemstones.

The Dragon

Furthermore, “The Dragon” the world’s most valuable crystalized gold specimen from the treasury of the Natural History Museum in Houston and the famous “Ram´s Horn” from Harvard’s Mineralogical & Geological Museum will give testament to the unlimited creativity of nature.

SS Central America and SS Islander

Some of the biggest attractions coming to the HardRock Summit are the unearthed gold treasures from two famed sunken ships SS Central America and SS Islander, both with unique links to the gold rushes in California and Alaska.

The “Ship of Gold” or the SS Central America sank off the coast of South Carolina during a hurricane in 1857 while carrying an enormous amount of gold bars and coins from the height of the California Gold Rush. It is estimated tons of gold went down with the ship, causing panic on Wall Street, in an already unstable time in the US economy. The wreck was rediscovered and lifted in 1988 and endured a long legal battle for the rights of the retrieved gold artifacts.

The SS Islander, carrying a significant cargo of gold bullion from the Klondike gold fields, went down in 1901 off the coast of Alaska after striking an iceberg. It was not until 1996 when it was recovered followed by several years of legal battles.

Gold and artifacts recovered from each will be on display and the HardRock Summit to host informative presentations about these treasures on Friday and Saturday.

Somewhere In The Rainbow

Established in 2011, Somewhere In The Rainbow is a premier educational and interactive gem and jewelry collection.

The collection serves as an interactive educational resource to the gem, jewelry, and gemological trade, and their related associations, and is often shared as featured exhibits in museums and galleries worldwide.